【HZS Activity】Shanghai binjiang charity walking contest

On May 4, 2019, at the beginning of the spring and summer, the Shanghai binjiang hiking competition sponsored by CIFI public welfare hiking organizing committee was held in binjiang, Shanghai. As a long-time partner of CIFI, HZS participated in the city-wide love gathering activity, and crossed binjiang with more than 3,000 hikers to measure the beauty of the city with his feet.

【HZS Glory】

After more than half a year of application, review and publicity, and two days of project interpretation PK, 13 projects of our company finally stood out from 1117 entries and won: 9 outstanding awards for residential projects, 1 outstanding awards for commercial projects, and 3 outstanding awards for landscape project.

HZS Annual Festival!

2019.01.14 Families of all branches in Shanghai, Beijing, guangzhou and chengdu Gather at Shanghai baohua marriott, An extraordinary annual event has officially begun.

【HZS Welfare】annual travel!Chiengmai!

A warm winter tour of the northern hemisphere,Chiengmai!

【HZS Welfare】annual travel!Japan!

Third stop, we came to Japan...

【HZS Welfare】annual travel!Dubai!

We have come to the mysterious dubai half sea and half desert!

【HZS Welfare】annual travel!Singapore!

HZS annual travel!Singapore!

【HZS Glory】the 13th Kinpan Award architectural design won the first place in the country!

The 13th Kinpan Award, HZS won the first place again after ranking first in the 2017 Kinpan Award architectural design list!

【HZS Holiday】The annual Christmas second-hand market is open again

The annual \"Christmas second-hand market\" is open again!!! On this joyous day, We were at the second-hand market, What do you find?

【HZS Glory】2019 CREDAWAR won 7 more awards

On November 24, 2018, the CREDAWARD ceremony was held in Shanghai world expo museum. Nearly 523 works applied for the award. After several rounds of screening, HZS won 1 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze and 2 masterpieces, with a total of 7 awards.

Miyi banshan·east sun valley project press conference was successfully held

Sichuan jinbei banshan group\'s \"miyi banshan · eastern sun valley\" project press conference was held in the banquet hall on the 7th floor of chengdu IFS nigro hotel on November 17, 2018.President of our company, was invited to attend.

【HZS Party】Watch the World Cup together!

This Saturday, Let\'s watch the World Cup together!

【HZS holiday】Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival and father\'s day, HZS wishes you and your family , Happy Dragon Boat Festival! And to all fathers Happy father\'s day!

【HZS honor】The focus of the 2017 Gold Award, HZS won 8 Awards

HZS won the Gold Award in 2017 twelfth a number of the year award.

【HZS honor】 Mr. Zhang Runzhou won the Greenland Group honorary lecturer

Mr. Zhang Runzhou, Chairman and CEO of HZS, made a wonderful speech to the Greenland Group on the \"Development and Design Ideas and Trends of Housing in the Background of High Land Price\".

【HZS holiday】Moon cake has been out, the Mid-Autumn Festival should send these ... ...

Taking advantage of the time is not very anxious, the heart is not chaos, the night is not very strong, the moon is not very round, HZS can not wait for everyone to prepare a bunch of gifts, hope in the Mid-Autumn Festival before the arrival of the common share of this joy!

【HZS Lecture】not the same perspective, with the famous interior designer talk design

HZS has the honor to go to the famous interior designer - Mr. Dai Kun, for the“design is not the style” theme made a wonderful speech, on the fine design, design methods and color sharing, so that we benefit a lot.

【HZS Happy holidays】children, may you happy children\'s Day

Today, we have prepared a rich children feast for you, talented competition, fun games ... ... more toys, snacks, gifts ... ... so busy architects Mom and Dad also stopped, seriously Play with the baby!

【HZS Celebrate the festival】 Dragon Boat Festival is still show dumplings, you OUT it!

HZS is not only concerned about the construction, more concerned about people, coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival, the company purchased a pure ecological soil eggs as employee benefits, to convey the health of the staff care and blessing.

【HZS public welfare】Runzhou Zhang _HZS Education Fund full support Tsinghua University, Tianjin University School of Architecture

HZS in a few years a total of 2 million yuan investment education fund, full support for Tsinghua University and Tianjin University School of Architecture.

【HZS Lecture】 Planning and Design Points and Trends in the Background of High Land Price

Mr. Runzhou Zhang, Chairman and CEO of HZS, has done a good job of sharing the planning and design points and trends in the background of high land price.

【HZS celebrate the festival】 can work, but also live

HZS employees can work, but also live, today, the editor will lead you to see some life stories you do not know in HZS... ...

【HZS Glory】won BRC Best AAA Advanced Strategic Partner Award

Concentric with the road, BRC all the way to me! I was invited to attend the annual meeting of the BRC, and won the 2016 annual BRC Best AAA Advanced Strategic Partner Award.

HZS | Guangzhou we come!

HZS Guangzhou company in Zhujiang New Town CBD - Zhujiang New Town Yuexiu Financial Building was established!

Glory | Great Achievements

In 2016,The 11th Kinpan Award Ceremony was held successfully at shanghai, HZS won numerous awards.

HZS Relocation Ceremony

On 22nd August 2016, HZS held grand relocation ceremony at Baohua Center.

【HZS Glory】Suzhou Blueray Yongjin Manor Awarded Trendy Project in China Property Industry

HZS assisting Suzhou Blueray Yongjin Manor to win Trendy Project in China Property Industry-The Most Influential Luxury Manor in China in 2016

【HZS relocated】Farewell to Tian’an Center

A decade’s honor and glory, is like stimulation, momentum and progress, driving us forward to a higher realm!

International Woman’s Day, Love design, love life

The Queens’ Day, Love design Love life!

HZS costume ball -- 2016 Changzhou Annual Retreat

2016 is the year of Monkey, HZS held its 3 days annual retreat in Changzhou Shangri-La Hotel.

HZS Great Achievements

HZS achieved 9 awards at the 10th Golden Plate Awards Ceremony.

Blueray Rongjin residential first summit forum

Chairman of the board, CEO, Runzhou Zhang ( Renzo), delivered a speech at Chengdu Blueray forum.

【HZS Welfare】annual travel!Japan!

Third stop, we came to Japan...

Watch the World Cup together!

This Saturday, Let\'s watch the World Cup together!

Watch the World Cup together!

This Saturday, Let\'s watch the World Cup together!

2014 HZS staff trip to the Taiwan

an exploring journey which would last for 6 days

2014 HZS staff trip to the Europe

heading to Europe and other metropolis to begin their 15 days’ trip



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